Voyant Acquires Phaxio


Voyant Acquires Fax API Provider Phaxio

Voyant to Enhance Fax Capabilities for Business Customers

Voyant Acquires Phaxio

Voyant, a leading provider of business communication services, announced today it has acquired Phaxio, a cloud-based CPaaS provider that helps businesses easily integrate faxing capabilities into their products and services.

Faxing is a critical communication service for businesses. Phaxio has built an easy, reliable and simple Fax API service, which has allows a user to send and receive faxes. Documents can be routed via barcodes and metadata with batching, queuing  and collision avoidance. Phaxio is a PCI Level 1 service provider and the faxing service is HIPAA compliant.

“Phaxio supports our strategy of delivering business communication services via both applications and APIs,” said Justin Nelson, president of Voyant. “Their team is transparent, driven and curious, which is a culturally strong fit with the Voyant team.”

The global faxing services market is anticipated to grow $2.8 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 9.18% during the forecast period, according to Arizton, an advisory and intelligence firm. With the addition of Phaxio, Voyant is positioned to become a nationwide leader in Fax API services.

“People use fax services everyday without even knowing it,” said Howard Avner, co-founder of Phaxio. “If you use an app to order food, there’s a good chance the order is faxed to the restaurant.” Howard added, “We are pleased to join Voyant and leverage their nationwide network in support of the service quality, reach and scale our enterprise customers require.”

“Phaxio has specialized in providing intelligent fax services to healthcare, financial and restaurant ordering industries,” said Josh Nankin, co-founder of Phaxio. “We look forward to joining the Voyant team and further developing cloud-based faxing services for enterprises and businesses of all sizes.”

Voyant will brand Phaxio services as Voyant Fax API. This service will be available soon through Voyant’s new Admin Portal, which already supports our flexible, pay-as-you-go SIP Trunking and Messaging services with instant service provisioning.

To the Phaxio family of employees and customers, we’re happy you’ve joined the Voyant team where we enable easier, better and smarter business communication services anywhere on any device.

About Voyant

Voyant is a cloud-based provider of business communication services that enables businesses to more easily communicate anywhere on any device. Our portfolio of services include Unified Communications, SIP Trunking, Messaging, Faxing and SD-WAN data services. Voyant is one of the only business communication service providers that operates a nationwide voice network reaching over 95% of businesses in the US. Voyant is a GTCR company and can be found at www.voyant.com.

About Phaxio

Phaxio is a cloud-based CPaaS provider that helps developers and businesses integrate fax capabilities into their products and services. Their Fax API is simple and powerful and their graphical front-end is clean, useful and informative. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Northbrook, IL, Phaxio redefines the way software systems use fax. www.phaxio.com