Voyant provides a wide variety of software and apps to enhance your productivity and keep you connected no matter what device you use.

Voyant Connect

Voyant Connect is the next-generation Unified Communications (UC) service that integrates business telephony, messaging, video and content sharing in a simple-to-use interface to keep users connected. Download our Voyant Connect apps to connect from any device.

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Fax-to-Email service automatically converts received faxes into a TIFF or PDF formatted image, which in turn is delivered to an end user's email inbox. Users are given a unique vFax number. When anyone sends a fax to this vFax number, it is converted into a TIFF or PDF file and is attached to a standard email message that is delivered to the user's email account. The fax image can be opened, read, printed, stored or forwarded via email to another user.

Fax to Email Windows Plugin

Remote PDN

The remote Private Data Network (PDN) software client allows remote users to establish a VPN connection over the Internet from their PC or Mac into their company's Private Data Network.

Remote PDN Client (32-Bit Windows) Remote PDN Client (64-Bit Windows) Remote PDN Client (Macintosh)

Music On-Hold Files

As an alternative to the default system defined music on hold (MOH) for your Hosted PBX service, you can load one of the pre-formatted Voyant provided MOH files.

A Little Ni/media/audioght Music Carnival Escape In Mood Marsh Mello Pop Slang Space Up Lift Wedding March Piano Music

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