SIP Trunking: Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking: Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

SIP trunking is a form of telephony that connects your business premise directly to the public telephone network using IP and broadband. This technology is what empowers most mobile VoIP solutions to provide high-quality voice and video calls.

Since launching in 2017, Microsoft Teams has become one of the most widely used platforms for virtual collaboration and communication. In fact, with 20 million active daily users and a growth rate of up to 50%, we believe this platform will continue to play an important role in business communications.

That’s why we want to make calling in Teams as accessible and straightforward to use as possible. Our interoperability tested direct routing for Microsoft Teams gives users access to a high-quality voice service from anywhere in the world thanks to SIP trunking.

Direct routing has the power to transform the functionality and usability of Microsoft Teams. But why is it a must-try service for any business?

What Are the Benefits of Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams?

How does direct routing benefit your company? Here are some of the reasons why thousands of companies across the globe are choosing direct routing for Teams. 

Direct routing allows your company to make all of your calls within Microsoft Teams using a SIP trunk to route these calls over the Internet. Your chosen SIP trunking service acts as your telephony partner, connecting your Microsoft-certified Session Border Controller (SBC) with your Microsoft Teams users.

Improved Call Quality

By using an expansive Tier 1 carrier network, your business is guaranteed high-quality calls with HD voice. Using direct routing, you will be able to make enterprise-grade calls to landline and mobile phones, extending your capabilities far beyond internal collaboration.

A reliable SIP trunking service makes your calling process simple, quick and seamless. And if it’s a geo-redundant service, you will be able to connect to multiple points of presence using public Internet, MPLS, VPN or TDS — reducing the chances of delays or technical problems.

Enhanced Collaboration Made Easy

Collaboration is the cornerstone of any successful, growing business. Teams within the company need to have the infrastructure in place to collaborate digitally without experiencing any technical road bumps. Cloud-based communication means that each member of the company can contribute to projects, communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Direct Routing with SIP Trunking allows companies to facilitate collaboration in and outside of their business. Teams will be able to communicate and share on the cloud-based system within the company. At the same time, they will also have the capability to use any voice carrier for inbound and outbound voice calls across the globe.

This level of flexibility enhances the productivity of your staff by providing them with a sophisticated platform that empowers them through all aspects of their daily tasks.

Simplified Remote Integration

It’s increasingly common in modern companies for workers to spend at least a portion of their working week at home or a remote location. Depending on your company, you may require some of your workers to work remotely. Direct routing provides a solution to the common communication problems that arise from this practice.

Because the network is geo-redundant, members of your company will experience a seamless transition from the office environment to their remote location. 

Regardless of their Internet service provider, they will have HD voice and video capabilities and will continue to experience streamlined collaboration with colleagues.

Save Money

Businesses around the world are already using Microsoft Teams to replace aging phone systems. Consolidating the Teams system and the telecom system using direct routing saves these businesses a considerable amount of money every year. 

In fact, recent studies indicate that the ROI on Microsoft Teams adoption is a staggering 832%. 

Reliable Tech Support When You Need It Most

With Voyant as your SIP trunk provider, you will have access to a highly-qualified support network. Our live chat support professionals can help you troubleshoot potential problems and get your service up and running again. We’ve also got a large library of helpful articles providing SIP trunking solutions to plenty of specific questions you may have about the service. 

Voyant’s specialized technical advisors have the training and capabilities to pinpoint issues within your system and provide practical solutions. You may even find that you save your IT team valuable time and energy by outsourcing your telecom network.

Why Make the Switch to Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a hugely popular platform. More than 300,000 organizations like yours use the platform for seamless collaboration and high-quality calls to both landlines and mobile phones. In November 2019 alone, Teams facilitated 220 million file actions and 27 million voice or video meetings. 

So, can you use Teams without trunking? 

Without a direct routing service, you will miss out on advanced phone functionality. Information workers save 4 hours per week from improved collaboration with Microsoft Teams. By further advancing your Team platform’s functionality, and enabling calling to landline and mobile phones, you will preserve these workers’ time. 

This alone will save your company even more money.

SIP Trunking by Voyant: Empower Your Microsoft Teams Experience

Why pass up the opportunity to streamline and simplify your company’s Microsoft Teams experience? Our SIP trunking makes your telecom experience fast and simple. 

Why should you use Voyant’s SIP trunking service?

  • Voyant’s SIP trunking service is one of the largest in North America.
  • Because we own and operate the country’s largest tier 1 voice network, the call capacity is outstanding and we offer a secure, geo-redundant network. 
  • The Voyant network is capable of supporting up to 100,000 concurrent calls. With this capacity, your company won’t have to worry about the network crashing when you need it most. 
  • We make it effortless to scale as you add additional users and expand the features you need. 

Your company’s ability to collaborate without any challenges directly affects its output and rate of efficiency. Simplify and upgrade your telecom service by integrating it with Microsoft Teams for every inbound and outgoing call. Your business is sure to reap the rewards of operating on this high-quality SIP trunking network. 

At Voyant, we are confident that Microsoft Teams offers a truly state-of-the-art cloud-based solution to any company’s collaborative communication needs. Using direct routing with Voyant’s SIP trunk network will improve your business’s Teams experience, saving employees in every department time and energy, plus optimizing company money.

Are you interested in improving your Microsoft Teams experience?