Improve communications and reduce costs while leveraging your existing infrastructure

SIP Trunking services from Voyant provide dialtone to your existing phone system. Available as a native SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) or PRI interface with a Voyant managed voice gateway, SIP Trunking is an affordable and resilient communication service that allows you to scale your business.

Voyant’s SIP Trunking provides instant communications expense savings and lets you add capacity according to your business needs. Our trunking services are built for PBX integration and designed to interoperate seamlessly with traditional enterprise facilities as well as our Unified Communication solutions.


  • Reduce telecommunications expense with extremely affordable pricing
  • Optional long distance and toll free bundles for communications expense predictability
  • Scale your business with responsive change management that allows burstable or seasonal capacity
  • Incredible uptime with business continuity features that provide simple, automatic re-routing across service locations in case of network issues or business needs such as staffing or inclement weather.
  • Leverage enterprise-class trunking features such as extension dialing seamlessly between premise and cloud-based voice systems, providing a simple end user experience and easy migration path to Unified Communication services from traditional voice systems.
  • Protection against natural disasters or other adverse business conditions with high availability trunking configurations.

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