Boost Productivity with Effective Collaboration

A successful business environment allows employees to be their most productive no matter where they are. Our unified communications solutions let users stay connected anywhere with a simple-to-use platform that integrates business telephony, messaging, video and workgroup collaboration on any device.


  • Voice

    Shared call appearance between desktop, PC, and mobile endpoints, with seamless handoff of active calls for mobile employees.

  • Video

    Fosters enhanced productivity for employees within a workgroup that are mobile or otherwise geographically separated.

  • Instant Messaging

    Enterprise multi-person chat for quick collaboration, avoiding inefficient meetings.

  • Presence

    Maximize efficiency knowing fellow employee's availability with merely a glance at any Voyant Connect device.

  • Desktop Sharing

    Initiate an instant screenshare of an app, window or your entire screen in any collaboration session without launching a third party application or web service.

  • File Transfer

    Secure file transfer between team members.

  • Call Control Directory Services

    One click access to email, desktop, and mobile information for any workgroup employee.

  • Desktop, PC, and Mobile

    Voice services, enterprise directory, presence, and chat across all platforms. PC & MacOS, Android and IOS.

Voyant Connect service improves collaboration between physically remote users by enabling teamwork, reachability, responsiveness, and productivity.

Every meeting with Voyant Connect becomes an efficient and effective collaboration session that fosters productivity and savings. The drag and drop interface allows employees to collaborate quickly with Integrated directory services, group IM, presence, and screen sharing capabilities across all desktop and mobile clients.


Key benefits of our Voyant Connect service:

  • Maximize productivity and savings with easy and effective workgroup collaboration.
  • Switch between devices seamlessly without call interruption.
  • Connect quickly with click-to-dial directory and communication services in a familiar interface.
  • Works on virtually any device with support on Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android.

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