Superior Performance for Less

In order to grow, your business needs to improve performance and productivity without increasing costs. The solution is a simplified, more efficient approach to data. Voyant’s Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) accomplishes just that by delivering superior network resiliency and performance while reducing your communications costs.

How SD-WAN works:

  • Inexpensive Broadband

    Two or more broadband Internet connections replace or enhance traditional network technologies such as MPLS based Ethernet or T1 services.

  • Bandwidth Aggregation

    Aggregate bandwidth across available broadband connections for outstanding performance and maximum efficiency

  • Secure VPN

    Intelligent VPN tunnels provide secure connectivity back to other SD-WAN locations or other network topologies.

  • Application Aware QoS

    Voyant SD-WAN appliances continuously monitor real-time performance of each broadband connection. Voyant utilizes advanced application-aware network routing and packet duplication to optimize QoS sensitive traffic performance.

  • 99.99%+ Uptime

    Rapid, near instantaneous convergence and application-specific failover occurs in cases of performance degradation or broadband failure.


Benefits of SD-WAN:

  • Leverage low-cost business-class broadband Internet to deliver superior performance.
  • Increase your network reach while reducing cost by providing dedicated Ethernet private data network performance in areas where fiber builds are prohibitively expensive.
  • Improve reliability to 99.99%+. Voyant SD-WAN’s native combination of rapid convergence plus bandwidth aggregation outperforms traditional network failover and performance characteristics.
  • Integrate seamlessly into traditional network topologies.

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