Enterprise voice solutions made affordable for every business

Regardless of the size of your business, you need high-quality solutions that are reliable and affordable. Voyant delivers next generation voice applications via a hosted model so even the smallest organizations can get big company features. Our Hosted PBX is sold along with one of our IP access products and provisioned to prioritize voice traffic so all of your conversations are crystal clear.

Key features of Voyant's Hosted PBX Solutions:

  • Applications

    Application integration lets you easily answer incoming calls or manage and configure call features in real-time from the programs you already use.

  • Unified Messaging

    Unified messaging with one mailbox for your email and voicemail so you can retrieve, prioritize, and forward communications.

  • Follow-me

    Follow-me services that allow you to route inbound calls to multiple phones and use any phone as your office phone.

  • Workgroup

    Workgroup call services provide geographically transparent features, advanced call routing and distribution, and business continuity features.

  • Call Center Solutions

    Easy and flexible call configuration and efficient call handling with our scalable Call Center solutions.

  • HD SIP Endpoints

    Extreme clarity with support for high-definition desktop phones, conference phones, video phones, and video conferencing equipment.

  • Coverage

    Nationwide voice coverage with coverage of 9,000+ rate centers and more than 90% of the U.S. population.

Voyant’s Hosted PBX service provides features and capabilities beyond what is available with traditional separate voice and data networks, such as the ability to manage phone calls through a web portal, have voicemail sent to email, simultaneously ring your desk phone and cell phone, or selectively determine which callers can reach you and which callers go directly to voicemail.


  • Predictable communications expense as an affordable Communications-as-a-Service solution.
  • Avoid costly capital investment that commits you to a locked-in or proprietary technology infrastructure.
  • Ease of management and reduced administrative costs. Expensive move/add/change activity is completely eliminated. Hierarchical administration enables users within your enterprise to manage at a workgroup level and empower communications.
  • Infinitely scalable and easily deployed across diverse geographies.
  • Business continuity and geo-redundancy features available to maximize your enterprise productivity.

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